Our Approach

We want to make it easy for people to help each other.  We offer a platform for those with extra room in their home to share that room with those looking for a place and we facilitate the guest helping the host.  We take a word of mouth industry and apply the tools and skill of professional property management such as backrgound checks, oversight, collections of payments, and having someone take on those ackward conversations when someone plays music too loud, isn't being cleaning up after themselves, or paying rent.

Our Story

In 2018 at lunch with a good friend we started to talk about some widows in the neighborhood that needed help with yard and house work. We talked about how difficult it was for them to take care of the large homes they had raised their family in but now lived in alone.   Also at this time,  I was preparing to take some students through an excercise in problem solving using housing affordability as our real world problem. I had been researching information about solutions for housing affordability but all focused on building more housing.  It was at this time that we stumbled upon the idea that our current housing stock is not being used efficiently - there are bedrooms that are not being used and if we could make it easy, taking the obstacles of sharing one's house, people would be willing to enter into a reciporcal living arrangement where both the person sharing their home and the guest would benefit financially as well as do good.

Meet the Team

We are just getting started and are excited about those people who will be joining us to make Keen grow. Want to join? Email ned@livingkeen.com


Ned Skanchy

Founder & CEO

Ned has worked in real esate for over 15 years acquiring, managing and developing multifamily housing. He loves to solve problems and is committed to making the world a better place.

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Vice President

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